Madera M 430 Pellet Grill

Large cooking area

With 430 square inches of main grilling area and an additional 200 square inches with the included upper shelf, you have plenty of room to cook for a family of 6-8.  Add up to two additional upper shelves to expand your cooking area to over 1,000 square inches.

•  Easy digital control.

Simply select your cooking temperature and relax.  Your grill will automatically light and maintain any temperature that you choose.

•  Stainless steel double wall firebox.

Durable powder coated black finish on the outside and a stainless steel lined firebox gives the Madera grill excellent protection from heat and corrosion.  Don’t settle for pellet grill that has a couple of stainless steel parts.  Upgrade to the maximum protection and durability of the Madera Grill.

•  Rear mount pellet hopper.

This slim design holds a whopping 18 lbs. of fuel and fits nicely behind the body of the grill giving the Madera pellet grill a minimized sleek look.  No buckets or boxes hanging off the side of this grill. Next to the hopper is a bonus warmer compartment to warm hamburger buns, bread, or…..

•  Easy access hidden drip tray.

You don’t have to stare at a bucket of old grease while cooking with the Madera Grill.  These easy to use but hidden drip trays collect all of your meat drippings into a disposable foil tray.  When it is time to clean the grill, simply pull out the drawer and replace the tray.  Or you can clean and reuse them many times.

•  Featuring the Quick Grill Zone™
Instantly activate direct flame grilling.   Pellet BBQ’s have not been known for easy high temperature grilling but now with the Madera Quick Grill Zone™, you can sear steaks and grill burgers to perfection with the quick slide of a handle.  See it in action!

• The Hopper Stopper™

You can use this easy pellet change system to change pellet flavors in seconds by simply pulling a stopper inside the grill hopper.  All of the pellets in your hopper will dump into a bucket that you place on the lower shelf of your grill.  Watch a video to see how it works.

•  Precise temperature control.

The Madera grill uses a temperature sensor near the cooking grids to read heat levels and automatically feed precise amounts of fuel to the grill.  A combustion fan circulates air to provide even heat so you will not burn your food.  You can also use pre-programmed smoke settings to give your food just the right amount of natural wood flavor.

•  Enjoy the taste of natural wood fired cooking.

Food cooked over natural hardwoods like mesquite, cherry, and hickory simply taste great.  The Madera grill makes is so easy to get those great flavors using 100% natural hardwood pellets.  Try it once and you will agree.

Additional Info

  • GRILLING AREA: 630/1,068 Square Inches
  • HOPPER SIZE: 18 Pounds
  • GRILL TEMP: 180°-480°
  • SEARING TIME: Approximately 15 Minutes
  • Retail Price: $1,995
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